Friday, June 18, 2010

May in Review

Okay so this is a little later than normal but as my little guy gets bigger I'm not able to sit as much (he's as active as can be but not quite on the move just yet).

One of the highlights of this month for me was being able to dedicate Mack to the Lord on Mother's Day.  In our church we don't baptize babies because we feel that baptism is for believers who understand the decision that they are making.  (Following the example of New Testament believers and Jesus Himself, born-again believers should be baptized in water. Baptism does not save a person; it simply symbolizes what took place in a person's heart at the time of salvation. Jesus died and arose from the dead. Water baptism symbolizes for the believer his/her sharing in Jesus' death and resurrection, illustrated by a believer's going under the water (dying to the old way of life) then rising from the water (entering into a new life in Jesus), symbolically washed clean from sins forgiven by Jesus' death on the cross.  Because Jesus instructed His followers to be baptized, baptism is an act of obedience. While it is not necessary for salvation, water baptism demonstrates submission to God. At Palm Valley Church, believers are immersed just as Jesus was, and by doing so, they are publicly acknowledging their faith in Him.) I said all that to say, we dedicate babies. Baby dedications are a way the parents commit and partner with the church to raise their child according to the Word of God to the best of their ability. It was a very special moment for Micah and I as parents.

Mission Master's Commission officially graduated it's last class on May 22nd. It was a bitter-sweet moment for many of us. It still doesn't seem quite real...

May 23rd Mack turned 6 months. His 6 month check-up went great - weighing in at an even 16 pounds (a little under average but perfect for him), and measuring an average length of 26 3/4 inches. He also did awesome with his immunizations this time around.  

On Memorial Day we decided to head down the road to the beach with a couple of friends - Mack wasn't too fond of the water but he enjoyed some zzz's in the shade.  My camera fell out of my bag and broke that morning but thankfully a friend captured Mack concked out. 

The next day I went and got a new camera... can't have a baby and not be able to catch all those precious moments.