Thursday, February 23, 2012

Mack - 27 months

This kid constantly amazes us at how quickly he learns and picks things up.  Never underestimate a 2 year old when you think they're not listening.  From the time Mack was born, I have been singing "Jesus Loves Me" to him, probably every day if not multiple times a day.  Then out of no where I was singing to him the other day and he starts singing the entire song with me.  He knew ALL the words!  

Mack communicates quite well for being just 27 months old, he speaks in sentences and we actually understand almost every thing he says.  He's working on personal pronouns such as me, yours, his etc.  It's quite cute when he says, "it's me's", instead if it's mine.

We are soooo close to being fully potty trained! We just need to get across the hurdle of leaving the house without a pull up on.

One of Mack's favorites is singing and dancing to a Hillsong Kids DVD we got him for Christmas.  His favorite song is One Way.

at a Science Museum in Corpus Christi

giving daddy a good luck hug before his triathlon

watching daddy swim

fishing at the Texas State Aquarium

tired after getting up at 5:30 to see daddy start his triathlon

Valentine's playdate

best friend Ethan and his little brother Caleb

Feeding ducks

someone brought a pig to church

All Mack's friends that he prays for every night.  They are also children of other staff at PVC.

loving on his little brother

Saturday morning cartoons together

watching a show together

gotta hold Nemo while watching "Finding Nemo"

helping feed his little brother

holding a little chicken at church

Friday, February 10, 2012

Parker - 5 months

Another month has come and gone and I'm enjoying every precious moment! Parker is quite a delightful little guy with constant smiles and giggles, he particularly loves to laugh at Mack being silly.  As most babies do, Parker seems to love music.  We frequently have on worship music in our home as Mack loves to sing and praise Jesus.  A few things that tend to soothe Parker every time are singing "Jesus Loves Me" or singing/praying scripture over him.  Both my boys have been very sensitive to the Spirit!

We have successfully started baby food, starting with rice cereal then on to vegetables and fruit next.  Parker has done quite well with the eating, he doesn't seem to mind getting messy either as Mack hates getting messy, even to this day!

Parker's new found favorite object is his totally cool car walker from his Aunt Reba and Uncle David.  He also has become very fond of teething rings as we are in the beginning stages of teething with the runny nose and soar gums.

Still very fond of sleeping and being on his tummy, he only likes to be on his back for short periods while laying on his play-mat with toys dangling over him.  Even if he rolls onto his back he gets frustrated after a while but still can't quite roll himself back over, he's trying so hard though.

Little brother, big brother

Watching football with daddy

Didn't quite make it through the football game

first time eating rice cereal

Mack helping feed Parker

Trying out his walker for the first time

Challenging each other to a race...

5 months old!