Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mack - 14 Months

Before we get started can I just brag a moment and tell you that my 14 month old is extremely smart! Okay so you think I'm biased because I'm his mom - well maybe just a little but let me tell you what he's up to and you can decide for yourself...

As I mentioned last month Mack likes to mimic anything we do as well as help with whatever we will let him.  So this month he has learned to clean up his room by himself, (although one article I read said not to expect a 14 month old to pick up his toys on his own) putting his toys in his toy box, blocks in a basket, stuffed animals in another basket, and books on his shelf (occasionally the books get put in the toy box when he can't get them all on the shelf).  He even will put any clothes laying around (which he likes to pull out of his drawers) back into the drawers.  If he finds any kind of paper or crumb on the floor he puts it in the trash.  He knows how to blow his own nose.  He also knows where his nose, ears, mouth, belly and eyes are.  When counting he points to the numbers 1-6 (specifically to the painted number canvases on his wall as we often count while changing his diaper).  Mack loves taking his clothes to the laundry room and putting them in the washer.  

Mack is also learning to self feed not just with his hands but wants or at least is trying to use a spoon although it can get rather messy.  Even cuter than the mess he makes is his concern with being messy.  He does not like things on his hands or face and wants you to wipe them immediately.  When we pray before a meal or at bedtime he loves to grab and hold our hand and watch us as we pray.  Then when we say "amen" he always smiles and lets go.  

Mack also at 14 months has begun to pull diapers out of his drawer and will bring it to us and point to his changing table.  I've been told this is the beginning signs of potty training and to do that at 14 months for a boy,  I'd say my baby is rather smart!  (And it would be so wonderful to have him potty trained before #2 arrives in September).  We've been trying to teach him that I'm going to have a baby, not sure what he actually comprehends but he will point to my belly when we ask "where's the baby?".  

On the flip side of things Mack has had an unfortunate bout with ear infections and constant congestion as well as the fever that tends to accompany those symptoms. For the most part he is in good spirits if we keep the fever controlled.    

Well we are nearing 15 months, another check-up and a visit to KC in just a few weeks!

And for a few pictures:

Putting money in his bank all by himself

checking out how much he weighs, 22 pounds

Playdate with Sophia

Playing with his tools

Hanging out with Tristan

Ready for the cold front

Spaghetti noodles!

Bath time

Self feeding

Writing on the walls at church (they have special dry erase paint)

Well thanks for being interested in our lives:)