Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mack - 15 and16 Months

Well I'm a little behind with the blogging... and unfortunately there are details I've probably forgotten with time passing so I'll do my best to recap the last 2 months of Mack's life.

So Mack turned 15 months and while Daddy took a team to El Salvador, Mack and mommy went to Kansas City to see family.  It was a long 10 days away from home... but we had fun if you don't count the big goose egg on the forehead or the puking.

At 16 months Mack had his first dentist appointment and he's right on schedule with his teeth.  We took away the pacifier and within 1 day he didn't even miss it.  We also transitioned from a sippy cup to a cup with a straw.  Started the beginning stages of potty training but not stressing out over it.  He understands what it means to go potty and will often let you know when he's already wet or dirty.  We've successfully used the potty chair a handful of times but he mostly likes to just sit on it. We're taking it slow.

Here's a few pictures from the last 2 months:

Getting good at self feeding

Grammy & Grandpa got me this cool bike

If I can't reach then just use the drawer 

Working on my bike with daddy

Helping daddy get ready to preach

Walking off the plane like a big boy

Playing under the sink

Hanging out with Grandpa Kirk

Going for a ride

Story time with Grandma Donna

I'm a little man

Got my first big goose egg

Coloring with my cousins

Holding the dogs ear

He's a good chair


I need a little chair like this at home

Mr. Cool

I'm a working boy

Mommy's best friend from grade school and Austin, we're 1 month apart



I'm helping daddy wash the car

We have matching Chuck's

Working on potty training, has to have something to read

Thinks he's talking on the phone
Playing in the mud

Easter  2011

I'll try better to get the 17 month post out before too much time passes.