Sunday, August 26, 2012

Fun and Productive Family Day

We had quite the productive day! I made breakfast while Micah mowed the grass. Then we cleaned and organized the garage while adding stuff to and inventorying the attic. Had the palm trees trimmed, changed light bulbs and reinstalled smoke detectors with new batteries. After lunch and naps we all washed the car and played in the water. And finally we went grocery shopping. Had dinner, played with the boys and prepped tomorrow's crockpot lunch. After the boys were asleep we ended our day snuggling in bed with a movie. Now that's what I call a fun and productive family day!!!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Season of Purging

So Micah decided instead of doing a full marathon this year he wants to train for a full ironman! I asked if he'd be willing to negotiate on a few things for my full support... Obviously it's going to take some time and devotion in training so my stipulations were for the duration of training, no TV (with the exception of football on Thanksgiving), phones are on the counter in the evening and we need to be very intentional with the time we do have. It will take more effort and creativity with two little boys but I feel like we will all be better for it.

I've been wanting to get rid of cable for quite a while now. Honestly it is such a time zapper and easy convenience to get distracted and not focus on things that really matter. I get aggravated when the tv is always on and children get ignored or we don't spend quality time together. I'm always saying I don't have time for... But the reality is I don't make time, instead I choose to veg in front of the tv and be unproductive.

Surprisingly Micah was up for the challenge as we reclaim our lives. It shall be a season of spiritual, physical and emotional growth for the family.

I started my Monday in purging mode! I'm cleaning and organizing my whole house. I just feel so much better when things are decluttered and organized. So today I began with the kitchen. I pulled everything out of drawers and cabinets, reorganized and threw a lot of unused items away, 3 trash bags full! It felt good! I did most of it during nap time so I didn't neglect time with the boys.

Here's to a season of purging: 2.
to rid, clear, or free

We are getting rid of unnecessary "stuff" in our home, clearing our time of distractions so that we may connect better with God individually and as a family and freeing ourselves to take our physical health more seriously.

I'm excited for the adventure ahead!!!

Parker - 11 months

I can't believe it's been 4 months since I last updated on Parker! I know I won't be able to recall all the details as so much has happened...I can tell you this boy does not lack energy, in fact I don't think he is ever just still.  He's constantly squirming, dancing, making music, singing, squealing, laughing and chasing his brother. He loves to do everything Mack does and they play quite well together except when there's a communication barrier between them.  Parker is a joyful little guy and loves any attention he can get but mostly his brother's attention.  He definitely brings out the "older" brother in Mack as Mack wants to boss, help and control everything Parker does.

Parker's been cruising around the furniture for the last couple of months and just 4 days before he turned 11 months, he took his first few steps all by himself. Parker is in the process of being weened off of a bottle with just a morning and evening bottle to go. He'll occasionally eat baby food but prefers to be eating whatever we are eating.  So far he does not seem very picky at all, unlike Mack who is very finicky.

Parker too shows quite an interest in music (although most babies do), he loves the drums, singing and praising Jesus!

Looking forward to posting about his 1 year birthday!

Change is in the Air...

I feel like my mind is about to crash with overload of information I want to transfer to this blog and my fingers just can't keep up...

I blogged several months ago (almost 9 to be exact) about goals I had for this year, I have successfully not kept updates, lol!  I have however been excited to report I've been successful in almost all of my goals (minus losing 35 pounds)!

Well as we are about to embark on another season this year Micah and I have been talking about a lot of things. Since my fingers can't keep up with my brain, I'm going to just bullet point them for now and will come back to give further explanation.

  • Micah desires to complete a full triathlon aka full ironman.  
  • I will train and enter another 5K
  • Mack will train for a kids 1 mile
  • Purging our house
  • Building relationships
  • leading micro groups
  • starting a discipleship program
  • discipling leaders
  • eating healthier
  • journaling
  • Setting life goals
  • Writing a book
  • slowing down
  • sticking to the budget!!!
Well those are just a few things to get us started, I'll post more as I have time.  I'm really looking forward to getting back into the habit of blogging.