Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Mommy or Daddy look-a-like?

Everyone has their opinion of who a baby tends to look like, we did this with Mack so we figured we'd do it with Parker as well. Here are our baby pictures at approximately the same age between 2 and 3 months. Who do you think Parker looks like?




Parker - 3 Months

Parker is now 3 months old and developing right on schedule with lifting his head to a 90 degree angle while on his tummy, cooing, squealing, gurgling and smiling anytime he has your attention.  He really is a happy baby most of the time.  He has successfully been sleeping anywhere from 10 to 12 hours a night and wakes up pretty happy in the mornings.  Parker does great on a routine schedule of eating every 2-3 hours with a few cat naps and one long 4 hour nap in the afternoon.  We did switch him to soy formula as we were noticing mucousy stools with every diaper change like Mack did around the same age.  He has definitely been less gassy and fussy but tends to spit up a lot more.

Parker seems to do very well with his overly loving brother who wants to pat his head, tummy or hold him constantly.  There are times when Parker can be very fussy and only Mack can calm him.  Parker loves to be on his tummy, enjoys the swing, bouncy seat and being talked to - he'll just coo right back at you with that adorable grin!

Dedicated Parker on 11/27/11

3 Months old today!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Mack - 2 Years Old

I can hardly believe my little boy is already 2 years old! He seems so grown up!
At Mack's 2 year check up he weighed in at 28 lbs 7 oz, right at the 50% mark and 35.75 inches tall being in the 75% range.  Looks like he may just take after his daddy and Papa after all. Mack loves going to the Dr and shows no fear of getting shots, we simply prepare him for the visit telling him exactly what to expect.  He likes the numbing cream they use for the shots.  As he was getting a shot this time he simply looked at me and said "ow" and then was excited to get a bandaid.  
This little guy is so smart too, he can practically read the entire David and Goliath story as he finishes each sentence as we read or he tells you what is happening while he looks at the pages.  His ability to communicate as well as he does at this age amazes us.  He has understood spacial relations for quite some time however it's becoming even more fine tuned which is a little ahead of schedule for his development.  His pediatrician was quite surprised that he knew so much and said he was pretty advanced for his age.  
Mack continues to show a love for music - singing, dancing and playing instruments! Several of our youth even went in together to get him a really nice drum set for his Birthday - he was EXCITED! He had a great birthday party with a cool drum cake and guitar cake made by his grammy.  He got some cool duplos, a plush Nemo (which he sleeps with every night, that's also his favorite movie right now), some balls, a push and scoot pirate ship, a matching game that he comprehends quite well, and a couple guitars - the kid was very blessed!  We were also very blessed with Grandpa Kirk and Grandma Donna here for his special day! We were able to spend Thanksgiving with them at South Padre Island and it was beautiful weather! Here's a few pics:

Mack just adores his baby brother, Parker! He's still my big helper with everything around the house and likes things to perfection just like his mommy :) He loves going to church, playing outside and right now the prefix to everything is "Big".  He speaks in short sentences but enough to where we pretty much understand most of what he's saying.  He's beginning to use pronouns properly like saying me when referring to himself.  Like I said, he's so smart!  Well we'll keep you updated on our little guy.