Thursday, October 20, 2011

Mack - 22 Months

Another month is behind us as Mack approaches his 2nd Birthday! At 22 months old it amazes me how much Mack absorbs and learns daily. He talks non stop repeating words and phrases. If he doesn't know what something is he points to it and asks "this"? He knows the colors, orange (his favorite), red, green, purple, yellow, black and white. Does pretty well with his shapes. Knows all his body parts. Knows and recognizes the animals: bear, lion, horse, cat, dog, moose, alligator, bird, pig, giraffe, fish, cow, duck, monkey, tiger, etc (there's probably a few I'm missing). He loves cars, tractors, music and reading! He's got quite the little personality and is very animated when he's telling you a story; his particular favorite is "David and Goliath". He loves to help switch the laundry and fold it while telling me what each article of clothing is and who it belongs to. Mack's new thing to help with is unloading the dishwasher. He's quite meticulous when it comes to cleaning but it also shows in his playing when he lines up his cars just perfectly or stacks books or blocks. They have to be exactly on top of each other.

Mack adores his little brother, Parker and can't wait till he can play with him. We can't wait either! He loves to hug and kiss him. It's really cute when Parker is crying, Mack says, "It's okay Parker, don't cry."

Mack is at the age where he's testing everything and we're trying to find the balance between being patient with a toddler and when to discipline. Pray for us.

Just a few pics of our big boy!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Parker - 1 Month

Parker has survived his first month in the Crump household!  We are still learning how to manage two little ones and we're working very hard to keep Mack from feeling jealous.  It takes a little more patience and time but Mack seems to really love having a baby around, especially when he gets to be the big helper.  Parker doesn't know it yet but he has a friend who can't wait to play with him!

Baby's First Month
What a difference a month makes! Parker has now lost much of that puffy newborn look and can hold his head up solo for a minute or two. He's also beginning to discover his own body, especially his hands, which will endlessly fascinate him; you might catch him staring at them for minutes at a time.  As a general rule, a baby's development starts at the top -- his head -- and works downward. So as time goes on he'll learn how to control his head and neck, followed by his arms, torso, then legs.
Parker is now a bit over 9 pounds, light brown hair and big blue eyes just like his brother.  At this point his eyesight is also getting sharper. By the fourth week, most infants can see about 18 inches in front of them -- not exactly eagle-eyed yet, but getting there. For the most part Parker has a pretty consistent schedule of sleeping 3-4 hours, waking for about an hour to two hours for feeding, diaper change and cuddling.  Night times have been decent with normally 2 feedings but we're looking forward to at least a 6 hour stretch in the next few weeks.  Not too much to report at this stage but we'll keep the updates coming and don't forget to check out photobucket for the latest pictures.

1 month old today