Friday, February 14, 2014

Greater Glory Together

Micah and I have spent 10 Valentine's together and this year was by far the greatest! Not because we showered each other with chocolate, jewelry, expensive gifts or out-bragged anyone on social media  - today was the greatest because we got to do something out of the ordinary that topped any date we could have planned... We got to share our own story at church to the Thrive College & Career group. 

Micah and I have very different stories of our upbringing and it's a beautiful thing to be able to share how what the enemy intended for bad for my life, God has turned and used for good. About a year before Micah and I even started dating/courting I felt like God specifically told me He would bring Micah and I together because we would bring greater glory to Him together than we would separately. Those words are fulfilled on a daily basis and tonight was a special occasion as we got to minister together to the Thrive College & Career. "You will end up just like...unless you purpose is your heart to change. It starts with you, you can rewrite the legacy you will leave.

God thank you for using us to be a blessing to others. 

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Best part of my day

There are days when it seems like night time can not come quick enough - there were moments in my day today that I felt like that. It was just one of those days. To be honest, I was busy... busy "working" on stuff for the ministry I lead for our moms & tots group. I didn't have patience for interruptions and the needs of my little ones. Even when my youngest said, "mommy, I working too."  It was cute but I was irritated. I wasn't full of grace today. 

Then it came time to get the boys ready for bed. We did our normal routine - read a bible story, pray, potty, brush teeth and tuck in to bed. Mack, my 4 year old, always asks, "mommy, can you spend a couple minutes with me - I didn't get enough time with you today."  And this is my favorite time of day because regardless of the events of the day, it is one on one time where Mack gets to choose whatever we talk about. Tonight he was really excited to tell me about an episode of Super Why that he had watched about a little girl who didn't obey her parents. He says, "mommy, that's not good, we should always obey our parents."  It allowed me to help us both reflect on our day. We ended our time each taking turns praying - it was beautiful. Here is what he prayed, "Jesus please help me to not make bad choices and please forgive me of my sins. And Lord Jesus I pray that you would help our family to be good. Amen." And that is what makes this the best part of my day! So simple, yet so deep and powerful. 

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Fun Family Day

Had a really fun family day today! Micah's dad joined us and we met up with some friends at the Zoo to celebrate their son, Chevlin's 2nd Birthday! Boys had so much fun!

Petting sting Rey's 
Parker just loves our friends' baby, Solon!

The ride home - they were pooped!

Mack got some new shoes! Adidas had an outlet tent set up nearby - great deals!

Then we went to a birthday party of a friend from church. More fun!

Loved the conversations with my father-in-law in the car, watching the boys have fun, and spending time together as a family making memories with friends! That's what I call a full and fun family day!