Thursday, March 29, 2012

Mack - 28 months

Mack is becoming more and more independent as most toddlers do at this age.  He wants to do most things himself and is excited to share his accomplishment with us when he is able to do something.   One thing he doesn't mind us still helping him with is eating, though only with certain things, usually if it's something really messy - the kid still does not like to get messy!

Just before Mack turned 28 months old we officially crossed the hurdle of potty training!!! At home he had been doing really well during the day but anytime we left or at night time he would still wear a pull-up but over vacation (of all times) he did not want to wear a "diaper" anywhere! Once we got home he decided he was not wearing one to bed either.  He actually wakes himself up in the night if he has to go potty, thankfully!  Although he is potty-trained, he still needs assistance as he can't quite get his pants back up after he's taken them off and he does still sit most the time but we're working on the standing - I think daddy should be helping in this area...

Mack's new favorite movie is "Cars" (the first one) and loves reenacting scenes with his own cars.  First words out of his mouth when daddy gets home is "hi daddy, want to play cars?"  He will line them up, make a circle, sort by color, categorize them according to which ones he thinks are the fastest and of course there's the occasional crash pile up.  He's definitely ALL boy!

Mimicking happens quite often with Mack too.  He likes to mimic daddy going to work (especially when he rides his bike to work, Mack gets on his bike and tells me he's going to work).  He mimic's the baby's squeals, mommy saying "you're not listening" and "no, no, no baby" amongst many others.  

Went on vacation to Kansas City over Spring Break, Mack loved getting to go on the airplane!  We had a great time visiting all the family!

Playing cars 
Coloring with daddy

Watching the rain


Brotherly love

Helping Grammy make Pupusas (a Salvadorian food)

Playing golf with daddy in the back yard

Helping feed Parker

Mimicking Parker put his feet in his mouth

Making his own purchase at the store

Bedtime storie with daddy

Cool dude

Loves his Lighting McQueen

So excited to be on an airplane

Riding the "tractor" with Papa Kirk aka lawn mower

At the KC Zoo with Grandma Donna and Papa Kirk

The rocks were just as cool as the animals

Cousin Syleii

Uncle Corey

Hiking in the woods

Loves chocolate!

Being silly with Mommy

Asleep on the plane

Great Grandma Gust


Fishing with Papa garry

First fishing trip with Papa Garry

Loved holding the fish

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Parker - 6 months

Oh the life of a mom with TWO little ones... I've gotten behind on the blogging once again but nonetheless here's a recap. Of course when I get behind there tends to be mostly pictures as I can't recall all the details but rather I let the pictures tell the stories.

6 months old - bedtime story with daddy