Thursday, January 29, 2009

God's Daughter

Last night during New Community, Pastor Rick challenged us with a thought. Just like God had a purpose and a plan for Abraham and Sarah, He has a purpose for us.  Names are important to God. Based on where we're at with our walk with Christ, if God were to change our name what name would he give us? After thinking about this for the last day I think God would change my name to Batel. In the Hebrew language Batel literally means God's daughter. I was adopted into His family, regardless of my circumstances, the season or how I feel, Christ paid the price for me and I belong to Him.  I am God's daughter. 

Thursday, January 1, 2009

In Hindsight

I recently read someone else's blog that said, "If you want to make God laugh...tell him YOUR plans!"

I found that rather amusing because as I sat down to reflect over this past year I remembered how it all began.  "I" had big plans for 2008.  As you may recall, I am the plan ahead control freak who wants everything mapped out perfectly and to go just as planned.  But I am reminded once again that His ways are higher than my ways (Isaiah 55:9).  I am thankful though that this past year was not limited to my minuscule plans.  

  • At the beginning of 2008 I was ready to resign at Agape but I persevered and reaped the benefits of creating stability for 17 students.
  • Master's welcomed 8 new students to the team.
  • February we hosted youth groups from all over South Texas for a weekend cross-cultural experience into Mexico. Micah performed a wedding of 2 former MC students.
  • March brought familiar faces, as Kirk and Donna vacationed with us here in the valley.  Micah performed another wedding of 2 more former MC students.
  • April seemed like a long month with Micah out for an 8 day ministry trip.
  • May took Micah and I on a mini retreat before a crazy summer.  First time we've done that.  I personally underwent some health setbacks.  And by faith officially resigned my job at Agape.
  • June started with a PVC staff retreat to SPI.  It also began the first group of summer interns, Mexico outreaches, and VBS for PVKC.
  • July continues the Mexico outreaches and welcomes a new group of SI's.  Staff members, Jeremy, Rachel & daughter Aisha left for Africa.  Our best friends, Rick & Emily came to visit and that was a great way to wrap up the summer.
  • August started with Master's graduation then a personal vacation making a road-trip to Dallas, Kansas, and Oklahoma.  It was refreshing to see family.  Master's took our first Staff retreat.  God really began doing a work in me personally as the waters started stirring.  I felt the Lord say, "Be still."
  • September brought back 6 2nd yr. students for the fall.  We took the PVC internship to a new level.  This month officially began unemployment and a peace that passes all understanding.  God began to do math that equals whatever He wants it to; bills got paid and life began to get a little clearer.  I also turned 27 and Micah took a ministry trip to San Antonio.  My greatest mentor, Peggy was diagnosed with cancer.
  • October marks 4 wonderful years of marriage for Micah and I.  Micah went on another ministry trip to Houston and I had a PVC girls night.  Went on my first prayer retreat with a couple of dear friends.  Palm Valley hosted our annual Fall Family Fiesta with over 1,300 people in attendance.  
  • November brings the arrival of my new neice, Syleii.  Nephews Malaki & Zarek turn two.  Micah goes on an even longer trip to Dallas. I do anther girls night.  We have a wonderful Thanksgiving with Master's and Interns.  
  • December starts with Micah gone again to El Salvador.  Christmas parties, gift exchanges, food and fun.  Micah finally got an iphone and I got a new MacBook.  This year we tried something new: 12 "Dates" of Christmas.  We took turns creatively planning a date, it was so much fun!!!
So in hindsight it was a great year.  I would have never imagined I would learn so much about God's love for me and his attention to details or the desires of my heart... he has strategically placed me right where I need to be - fully dependent on Him and pursuing the calling He birthed in me 6 years ago.  I couldn't have anticipated anything greater not to mention my marriage getting even better but it has!  

However, as it is written:
"No eye has seen,
no ear has heard,
no mind has conceived
What God has prepared for those who love him"

I look forward to what God has prepared for 2009.