Thursday, January 1, 2009

In Hindsight

I recently read someone else's blog that said, "If you want to make God laugh...tell him YOUR plans!"

I found that rather amusing because as I sat down to reflect over this past year I remembered how it all began.  "I" had big plans for 2008.  As you may recall, I am the plan ahead control freak who wants everything mapped out perfectly and to go just as planned.  But I am reminded once again that His ways are higher than my ways (Isaiah 55:9).  I am thankful though that this past year was not limited to my minuscule plans.  

  • At the beginning of 2008 I was ready to resign at Agape but I persevered and reaped the benefits of creating stability for 17 students.
  • Master's welcomed 8 new students to the team.
  • February we hosted youth groups from all over South Texas for a weekend cross-cultural experience into Mexico. Micah performed a wedding of 2 former MC students.
  • March brought familiar faces, as Kirk and Donna vacationed with us here in the valley.  Micah performed another wedding of 2 more former MC students.
  • April seemed like a long month with Micah out for an 8 day ministry trip.
  • May took Micah and I on a mini retreat before a crazy summer.  First time we've done that.  I personally underwent some health setbacks.  And by faith officially resigned my job at Agape.
  • June started with a PVC staff retreat to SPI.  It also began the first group of summer interns, Mexico outreaches, and VBS for PVKC.
  • July continues the Mexico outreaches and welcomes a new group of SI's.  Staff members, Jeremy, Rachel & daughter Aisha left for Africa.  Our best friends, Rick & Emily came to visit and that was a great way to wrap up the summer.
  • August started with Master's graduation then a personal vacation making a road-trip to Dallas, Kansas, and Oklahoma.  It was refreshing to see family.  Master's took our first Staff retreat.  God really began doing a work in me personally as the waters started stirring.  I felt the Lord say, "Be still."
  • September brought back 6 2nd yr. students for the fall.  We took the PVC internship to a new level.  This month officially began unemployment and a peace that passes all understanding.  God began to do math that equals whatever He wants it to; bills got paid and life began to get a little clearer.  I also turned 27 and Micah took a ministry trip to San Antonio.  My greatest mentor, Peggy was diagnosed with cancer.
  • October marks 4 wonderful years of marriage for Micah and I.  Micah went on another ministry trip to Houston and I had a PVC girls night.  Went on my first prayer retreat with a couple of dear friends.  Palm Valley hosted our annual Fall Family Fiesta with over 1,300 people in attendance.  
  • November brings the arrival of my new neice, Syleii.  Nephews Malaki & Zarek turn two.  Micah goes on an even longer trip to Dallas. I do anther girls night.  We have a wonderful Thanksgiving with Master's and Interns.  
  • December starts with Micah gone again to El Salvador.  Christmas parties, gift exchanges, food and fun.  Micah finally got an iphone and I got a new MacBook.  This year we tried something new: 12 "Dates" of Christmas.  We took turns creatively planning a date, it was so much fun!!!
So in hindsight it was a great year.  I would have never imagined I would learn so much about God's love for me and his attention to details or the desires of my heart... he has strategically placed me right where I need to be - fully dependent on Him and pursuing the calling He birthed in me 6 years ago.  I couldn't have anticipated anything greater not to mention my marriage getting even better but it has!  

However, as it is written:
"No eye has seen,
no ear has heard,
no mind has conceived
What God has prepared for those who love him"

I look forward to what God has prepared for 2009.

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