Thursday, November 10, 2011

Parker - 2 Months

In the first few weeks Parker had been a bit colicky and there were moments we wondered how we'd ever get through it. But now at just 2 months old he has already settled down quite a bit and is sleeping a solid 8 hours through the night. He also puts himself to sleep! As Parker is spending more time during the day awake and alert we are enjoying his coos and grins. We are so anxious to see his little personality come out, we've noticed so many differences already between him and Mack. Mack did sleep through the night around the same time but with him it's always been this long grueling process of waiting till he was sound asleep before we left the room. In fact we still have to work at getting him down and now keeping him in his bed (of course he was our first born so it was harder for us to let him just cry till he fell asleep like we do with Parker).

Parker is a much quicker and better eater than Mack. Parker also has taken to the swing which Mack was never fond of. Mack loved being on his back and refused to be on his belly while it is just the opposite with Parker. Parker probably cries more but only because I can't/don't hold him as much - but you just can't when you have 2 little ones.

At Parker's 2 month check-up today he weighed 11 lbs 15 oz and is measuring 23 inches long both right in the 50% range. The Doctor was quite impressed with him sleeping through the night do early. He got his first round of vaccinations and is doing well so far.

We are so blessed with 2 healthy little boys! Here's a few pics…