Friday, September 19, 2008

God Wants an Invitation

Ever feel like a "nobody", that God has so many millions of people to look out for that in comparison with some of them, your problems seem so petty?  Good news - He can care for all of us at the same time!  If Satan constantly attacks our minds, how else can we fortify ourselves? We fight back - but willpower alone won't work.  Our major weapon is to cry out to the Lord in humility asking Him to strengthen us.   Our heavenly Father wants to intervene and help us, but He waits for an invitation to get involved.  "You do not have, because you do not ask." (James 4:2)  It's as if God watches us struggle and allows us to become frustrated and angry.  We are too independent, and we experience a lot of unnecessary frustration simply because we try to do things without God's help.  But as soon as we sincerely ask for help, the Spirit comes to our rescue.

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