Sunday, January 24, 2010

Mack - 8 Weeks/2 Months

On January 23rd Mack officially turned 2 months old - my how time flies by!  Mack amazes me each day as he continues to grow... during his wake hours he's watching, listening, absorbing and learning so much as he is becoming more adapted to his surroundings. He's now able to express pleasure in addition to discomfort, and gives frequent genuine smiles. Mack's auditory and visual senses are just beginning to coordinate. He may look toward an interesting sound and search for it with his eyes. He may even coo or gurgle in response to what he hears.  He's already able to track a moving object from side to side (usually watching his daddy).

Sucking is still a highly engaging activity, and Mack can now more reliably connect his hand with his mouth. He will want to put his mouth on everything--this is how he learns where his body ends and everything else begins.

Feeding and sleeping have taken to a routine with Mack sleeping anywhere between 6 and 8 hours through the night. 

I have cherished every moment with Mack, even the cranky times. I absolutely love the adventures of motherhood - I really feel like I'm fulfilling the rest of my calling, first as a wife to Micah and then as a mother.  I'm very grateful to get to stay at home with him as well, it truly is a blessing!

If you are interested in keeping up with Mack I am posting a daily picture of him on photobucket.  Here's just a few:

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