Friday, January 24, 2014

In need of grace

I have 2 precious little mighty men of God. Precious they are... When they're polite, well behaved, kind, caring quiet (okay they're never quiet except when they're sleeping). But my boys are human; flawed, born sinners and in need of grace. Grace from momma when they just can't seem to get control of themselves because they are only 4 and 2 years old. They don't even know what self-control is yet. They need grace when they're being too loud and we adults just want them to use their "inside voices" (my boys don't posses inside voices, they have one volume and it's LOUD!). They need grace when I've told them umpteen times not to do the very thing they just forgot and did again anyway. Attention span - what's that again?!?  

As a momma, I know all about giving grace to my boys. I don't get it right everytime, nor on the first try... I too am human; flawed, born a sinner, in need of grace. What's sad though is it seems it never fails when I'm in public (be that the grocery store, church or even amongst a group of family or friends) and my strong-willed 2 year old decides to throw a fit the first act of compassion or grace extends first to that out-of-control child. For once I'd love to be shown a little grace from others when my response in that moment isn't full of composure and eloquently scripted with the Word of God. How about "how can I help?" or a sympathetic "I've been there, this too shall pass."  Instead, I've been glared at with disapproving eyes, corrected and even had my comments cursed in Jesus name. All I want is a little grace. 

So momma may you be extended an extra measure of grace instead of looked upon in a moment of your day with judgement and criticism. You momma, are a child of the most high God and He loves you, even when you don't get it right. He knows you are In need of grace

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