Thursday, September 18, 2008

Th Main Course

If you're anything like me, you enjoy eating.  Ever sit down to a multiple course meal?  It can be quite a journey.  Here in the "valley" the first course might consist of a bright bowl of chips and salsa, otherwise known as the appetizer. Perhaps then a salad, preluding to the main course which is coming...  I'm always in this attitude that "main" is out there, on hold, not now. We hurry through the courses of life in anticipation of what's next only to find ourselves unsatisfied with the current course before us.  I on the other hand tend to long for the course just after main - the dessert.  Yes you heard it right, my palate is completely and utterly vulnerable to the taste of something sweet.  That's my struggle, living for the future.  But to the master chef every course is main - in presentation, in taste, in texture.  To God each course, transition or season in our life is just as important as the next .  He does not view seasons as boring and unfortunate preludes to be rushed through quickly so I can move on to some other season that is more productive or exciting. Main is not behind us.  Nor is main way out ahead of us.  To our God, this course, call it transition, further studies, unexpected illness, financial crisis, grief, or a desert - is as full of potential as any course ever has been and any course ever will be.   

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