Thursday, October 2, 2008

Divine Appointment

Everywhere I turned today I felt bombarded with this heavy burden but naturally I just equated it with the fact that I wasn't feeling quite to par.   We have been hosting group fellowships each evening for the past week in various church members homes while our pastor casts the vision for building a new sanctuary.  I was not asked to come to these meetings, am not required to go these meetings, and quite frankly didn't think anyone would miss me if I didn't show up.  So, I thought I'd just go and help my mother-in-law set up then escape before the meeting began.  Then there was this little check in my gut that said to stay.  Wasn't sure why... Then I asked a lady how she was doing and to make a long story short it was a divine appointment.  God was able to use me in that moment with a situation that I was able to identify with and in turn minister through.  Yea God!  It's amazing what God will do in and through us when we position ourselves to be used by Him.  

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