Tuesday, July 21, 2009

21 Weeks Pregnant

How my baby's growing:

I'm not sure of the actual weight or length of our baby at this point but I assure you he's growing. Seems like I'm getting noticeably bigger every day. He is definitely an active little guy, guess he's going to take after his daddy. Starting to notice a pattern in his activity. He also seems to like when Micah or anyone for that matter is preaching. Just maybe this little guy will be a preacher some day. Wouldn't surprise me.

How my life's changing:

It's been a busy season and I've been tackling pretty long days so I'm starting to notice some swelling in the feet and hands. Summer is always exciting as I get to lead our Summer Internship. Between June and July we've had 21 students and I'm always amazed at how God works in and through us for His greater glory. The days are long and tiresome but the rewards are worth it by far. We've also hosted 2 outreaches this summer and have youth camp next week. Yes, we are busy but not to busy to slow down and connect with God. Micah and I also make sure we have time for each other. I was grateful when he insisted we go on a date last night, even though I was exhausted, I needed that time with him. I've come to realize that the time we have to ourselves may not compete with the quantity of time that goes into the ministry but the quality has become greater and greater as we find our fulfillment in Christ. I know God equips and enables those that He calls and I'm thankful that He sustains us when we feel that we've got nothing more to give.

Well I've officially graduated to maternity pants. I was glad to have been able to wear my normal jeans this long. For the last month I had been using a belly band but I got tired of fussing with the constant pulling up and making sure everything was covered all the while hoping I wasn't offending anyone. Thanks to those of you who have blessed me with the ability to be in comfortable clothes and feel confident while I'm pregnant. I have to say I'm a big fan of the store "Motherhood".

I seemed to have had abnormally clear skin the first trimester and was hoping it'd last throughout the pregnancy but I've always been prone to oily skin and acne and it's beginning to rear it's typical plight. And on the topic of skin, I'm starting to notice a few stretch marks already - oh joy, it begins!

Well enough for now, I'm just a couple days away from 22 weeks so I'll be posting again soon.

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