Monday, December 7, 2009

Blessed Wife and Proud Mommy

Micah was able to post a little sooner than I was been able to get around to it, so this may sound redundant if you've read his blog because I am borrowing what he posted and adding a few of my own comments.

"I want to dedicate this post to thanking God for his direction and mercy. Buffi's significant contractions started around 2am on November 23rd and they increased throughout the morning. She pushed for about two hours and was worn out by 11:50am. The doctor and nurses were aware that Mack was not in the correct position (in lay-mans terms he was lying on his back facing up when he should have been lying on his stomach facing down)

Our doctor, who is a wonderful Christian and a key volunteer at our church, successfully turned Mack to the correct position...but Mack apparently didn't like that so he rolled back over and in doing so pinched off part of the placenta, his life source, causing his heart rate to drop rapidly.

Immediately everyone flew into action as they rushed Buffi to the O.R for an emergency C-section. I threw on a one size fits all (except for large people like me) set of scrubs and went into the O.R. The team did a great job of delivering our baby with no problems, in just a few minutes he was cleaned up and in our arms.

Tears come to our eyes when we think about how close we were to loosing him and then tears of joy and thankfulness to God for leading us to the hospital and doctor that we have had. Early in the pregnancy we had considered a midwife/natural birthing center...if we had gone that rout Mack would not be here. The midwives, as awesome as they are, are not set up to handle what we needed today. All along while Buffi and I were trying to decide where to go and who to use we simply did not feel peace about the birthing center. Now we know why. Thank you all for your prayers and support.

Mom is recovering slow and steady, Mack is doing fine as well. He is cute!"

I can't explain the rush of emotions I felt as I heard Mack take his first gasp of air into his lungs and let out his first tiny cry... tears streamed down my face, just minutes later I saw our baby boy for the first time and all I could get out was "I love you" before they had to take him away and continue stitching me up from the surgery.

Micah was absolutely amazing through the whole thing especially since I was completely dependent upon someone else for the next several days as I recovered from surgery. I don't have the words to express how grateful I am for him - I feel like my love for Micah has grown even deeper. Well there's so much to say yet I'm at a loss for words... I am an extremely blessed wife and proud mommy!

Here are just a few pics. The last one was the day after we got out of the hospital - we hosted Thanksgiving at our house with all of Master's, Interns and a few staff. It was truly a thankful day.

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