Friday, October 3, 2014

4. Integrity

We have to be careful with the way we live, taking special caution to live well when no else is looking. 

Not too long ago our family joined several of our friends and their families for dinner. There was a little situation that arose amongst our kids that needed some guidance. It was brought to my attention by another parent that according to her child, Mack was the instigator. Having not witnessed what happened, I was not quick to defend but in my heart I knew it was very uncharacteristic of Mack. I also know kids will be kids and it wasn't beyond him either. That night while putting Mack to bed we discussed what happened and without accusing him, I allowed Mack to share with me what happened. He very innocently said, "mommy, my friend was doing it so I did it. I didn't know it was wrong." I asked if he was telling me the truth because his friend told his mommy that it was Mack's idea. Mack was so confused and asked "but mommy, why would he lie about me to his mom?" It broke my heart. We had a great moment talking about the scenario and how his friend was maybe scared to get in trouble but that it's always best to tell the truth. We prayed for his friend. Then a couple days later Mack brought it up again, wanting to pray for his friend and said, "mommy, I want to lead my friends." 

I'll be honest, as a mom it was hard for me... The mother bear in me wanted to say you can't have friends like that or, how dare they accuse my son. But I realized that is why I stay at home, why I plan to homeschool... I am not here to shelter my boys from the world but rather to train them how to respond with integrity when life happens. In the end, even though my son was still believed to be the instigator I know he was honest with me and for that, I am one proud momma! 

I dream of my boys becoming mighty men of God--men of integrity, men of principle, men who love Jesus. I dare hope that when the day of temptation comes, they will stand strong and fight for Truth. But the best parenting in the world cannot make this dream come true. The only way is to pray the Lord will change their hearts. To give them warrior hearts, set apart for Him. 

May Mack and Parker walk before You as King David walked, with integrity of heart and uprightness, doing according to all that You have commanded them and keeping Your statues and rules (1 Kings 9:4).  

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