Monday, October 13, 2014

8. Purity

"Purity isn't just about sex. Purity is about keeping our eyes and hearts from anything evil, anything that has the power to overcome our will or turn our hearts away from the only true God."

Purity is often linked to abstaining from sex and while that is true to purity, purity is not limited to that. Purity begins in the heart. Now we all have corrupted hearts and therefore need cleansing by which we can't do alone. You, me nor my boys can remain pure by ourselves. But God can help us to be faithful to His will. 

I want to teach my boys and have begun to do so about purity in ways they can understand. We talk about what we see and are open to discuss things at their level as far as they're willing to ask. The subject for my boys has obviously come in the form of modesty as its near impossible to avoid in today's culture. I know a lot of parents cringe at the thought of having these seemingly awkward conversations but to be honest, this is an area I am passionate about teaching. Too often the lack of purity is not from lack of self-control but rather from a lack of education and proper training. Nonetheless, it will be tested but when we equip our children with the proper understanding and tools to combat the temptation they will have a better chance of overcoming with the help of the Lord. 

Lord, help me to train my boys in purity and to model well for them what a Godly woman should look like. How to respect a lady and honor You in doing so. 

May Mack and Parker have a love that issues from a pure heart and a good conscience and a sincere faith (1 Timothy 1:5).

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