Thursday, September 1, 2011

9 Months Pregnant

Time escapes me again as I've gotten behind on blogging.  At 37 weeks our baby is considered full-term.  After having had an emergency c-section with Mack we have decided to do a repeat c-section scheduled for September 13th - just 12 days away! On average the baby should weigh around 6 1/3 pounds at this point and be a bit over 19 inches long however at an earlier appointment an ultrasound was showing Parker to be 2 weeks ahead of schedule growth wise.  

Braxton Hicks are quite frequent at this point and I've even been having some contractions but not long enough to merit a hospital visit.  Sleep is, well... uncomfortable and short-lived however being a stay-at-home mom does allow me to at least try to nap when Mack does which I've taken full advantage of lately.  I've got all the baby clothes washed, rooms rearranged and organized and bags packed so we are officially ready!  Micah's parents will be watching Mack while we're in the hospital and Micah has almost 2 weeks off to help me, especially since I'm having a c-section the recovery is a bit more intense and with a toddler I'll be needing it.  

Well as I promised here are the pictures I have taken through this pregnancy:

January 13th we found out I was pregnant - 4 weeks (I already look like I'm showing, compliments of pregnancy weight from Mack)

17 weeks  - 4 months

21 weeks - 5 months

28 weeks - 7 months

37 weeks - 9 months and ready to pop!

The next blog will be of Parker's arrival!

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